What You Get


Got a great story? This is your chance to have it assessed by Michael Martin.

Having a strong outline is the first step to writing a book that sells.

Michael’s Story Assessment includes:

  • A story outline template for you to complete, if needed.
  • In-line comments inserted throughout your outline/synopsis.
  • A 15 - 45 minute voice recording of summary insights.

Story assessment allows you to:

  • Check that your story is commercially viable before you invest in editing.
  • Fix big picture issues, reducing your edits down the line.
  • Get pro feedback on the idea and story architecture, for a fraction of the cost of a major edit.

Michael will answer these questions:

  • Commercial viability: Is the premise engaging?
  • Character arcs: Is your hero well-formed? Does the external action progress their internal journey?
  • Pace & structure: Are scenes/subplots unnecessary; could others be added? Is the story interesting and surprising?

Get your big questions answered




Is the novel ready for publishers and readers? What does it need to get there?

Clients describe this process as eye-opening and empowering. Assessment and beta reading is not for writers seeking fluff reviews, but serious authors ready to take their work to a commercial level.

Send Michael your current outline (synopsis or scene breakdown), or download the free template. If you have a custom word count or request, feel free to contact Michael.



Frequently Asked Questions

The more detail, the better. This might include a synopsis of the plot from start to finish, character profiles (incl. goals, motivations, conflicts and backstories), scene breakdowns, and sample scenes. 

I can also provide an outline template if needed; please contact me for this prior to ordering.

Outline assessments are only offered for narrative (story-based) works, including non-fiction memoir.

This does not include self-help, business books and essays.

If you're not sure of the genre of your story, or you're working with a screenplay or other format, feel free to send me a message on Facebook to discuss.

Yes! Send me your request, and I'll be happy to create a custom word order for you.

You also have the opportunity (optional, with additional fee) to add as many manuscript pages as you’d like me to read (beyond the scene already covered within the scope of the base program).

For example, you may want a “first quartile” analysis, up through the First Plot Point – as many as 100 pages, give or take – which is a valuable window into how your story has been setup and thrust into motion.

Extra pages are read at a prorated rate of $25 per 1000 words, up to 25K words (in addition to the normal fee).

It includes comments inserted throughout the text you submit, as well as an in-depth report summarizing key insights and recommendations.

In short, because in 15-30 minutes I can cover up to three times the amount of feedback included in a text report.

After years of working solely in developmental editing, I have found this to be the best way to offer value for a writer.

Delivery turnaround is two weeks (unless I notify you up front of a backlog that could delay beyond that period).

You’re invited to respond, clarify and revise, based on the feedback you’ll receive, or ask questions from that context. (Further iterations, if requested, can be negotiated from there.)



Synopsis Assessment up to 5000 words




In-depth Assessment up to 10,000 words




Outline Assessment up to 12,500 words


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