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1-on-1 Coaching with Michael Martin.

Being able to work with you directly means that I get more context about your specific needs and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

There are two different coaching packages: Private and Premium.

To help you choose the best fit for your needs, I've provided a side by side comparison:




Eight 30-Min Sessions

Total of eight 30-minute personalized coaching sessions per month

Submit Completed Work

Submit a full, polished manuscript (up to 90k words) for analysis

Includes 50 pages of line-level critique and a summary coaching document

4 Hrs of Critique Per Month

Up to 4 hours per month of critiques, developmental editing and email exchanges



Twelve 45-Min Sessions

Total of twelve 45-minute personalized coaching sessions per month

Submit Incomplete Work

Submit unfinished and unpolished works (between 0-100k words) for analysis

Includes 50 pages of line-level critique and a summary coaching document

10 Hrs of Critique Per Month

Up to 10 hours per month of critiques, developmental editing and email exchanges





That's what the coaching sessions are all about.

But what is mentoring?

Well, mentoring is whatever you want and need it to be. I am at your disposal as a professional coach and you can use my yime however you wish. Here are some ideas:

  • Edit novel in a more interactive, back-and-forth manner than traditional editing. Like an edit as you go kind of deal.
  • Work on improving your voice and style
  • Get guidance on interpreting and making requested changes for an agent or publisher
  • Brainstorm a new novel idea to create an outline
  • Identify your writing strengths and how to capitalize on them
  • Identify your weakness and how to improve on them

Upon signup you'll receive an initial chat with me to discuss your goals.

Then a 30-minute introductory phone call with me to draft a 6-month plan for you.



You'll be able to direct message me anytime for private Q&A sessions in the Facebook group

Post in the Facebook group and tag me anytime 

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in weekly live stream Q&A’s and critique sessions in the Facebook group. You may submit one page to be analyzed live in real time for the encouragement of the community. This is optional but beneficial for the community because other writers might struggle with similar issues. Commenting on others’ writing also keeps you sharp and helps you develop critical analytical skills to apply to your own work.

You'll be provided with execution strategy and action items from coaching sessions

And accountability and follow-up





Session Recording or Cliffnotes

A reasonable back-and-forth exchange to clarify the feedback and explore your response to it.

Access to Michael via text, email, phone, direct messages on social media, or in-person (if you live in New York).

Access to the private Story Writer Academy Facebook group for 12 months.



About Editorial Assessments

A full read and review of your project will be an Editorial Assessment. Which is an overall manuscript review, providing feedback on the structure of your book. It will be delivered in the form of a letter, which includes an in-depth analysis of how well each story element is working as well as a chapter-by-chapter breakdown.

It does not include a proofread (sentence-by-sentence line-edit for punctuation, spelling, grammar) or a copy-edit (style).

I read through your manuscript twice. The first one is to read it as a reader, and pick up what I can and enjoy what I can. The second time, I read it as an editor.

The purpose of the first read-through is to find out what you are trying to accomplish.

What are you trying to get your reader to feel here? What is your purpose? Are you saying it clearly?

And for the most part, by the time I get to the end of the manuscript, I can tell what you’re trying to get to. If I can't, then I get to have a conversation with you and we help pinpoint what you wanted to do, what's still stuck inside you head. Then I help get you there.

The Editorial Assessment includes Advice On:

  • Voice/Style
  • Plot
  • Pacing
  • Conflict
  • Characterization
  • Marketability

The chapter-by-chapter breakdown assesses the quality of each chapter independently. Each chapter typically receives 1-3 paragraphs of feedback.

And it will have two columns. One column will be my reader feedback.

What did I get from the page?

Just so that you can see that, because it is helpful. The other column will be my editor feedback.

Each Chapter is Assessed for:

  • Plot Holes
  • Inconsistencies
  • Scene Structure
  • A Lack of Conflict
  • Pacing Issues
  • Whether it is Essential to the Plot
  • Whether the Characters Behave Believably
  • Whether It's Entertaining
  • Areas of Confusion (especially in Sci-Fi and Fantasy)

The chapter-by-chapter outline helps point out things like: more description here, the dialogue's happening in a void, create more here.

But then I also, in the report, just talk about writing elements that you might be weak on. But instead of repeating the same advice you've heard before (show, don't tell), I'm making it specific to you and your writing style. Like, I can see that you're trying to show and not tell here, but let's try doing it this way so it's more effective for you.

Having that personal one-on-one advice, I've seen really great growth in the writers that I work with.

Feedback from an editorial assessment can lead to significant changes to your manuscript. The assessment will identify your book’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you devise a revision strategy that dramatically improves the execution of your idea.

An editorial assessment can be useful at several stages in the writing process. Some writers may seek this deep-level feedback once the first draft is completed. Others might solicit an assessment after the manuscript has been through several rounds of beta reading or even professional editing; an assessment provides the kind of careful reading that leads to better theming, nuance, characterization and structure. A manuscript assessment can even be valuable if you have already self-published a book.

WARNING: This is for writers who are serious about taking their work to a commercial level. If you are not ready for professional criticism then it is not for you.



I specialize in long-form narrative genres including science-fiction, action, and fantasy.

And some non-fiction such as memoir, autobiographies, advice, inspiration, motivation, opinion, family history, or book based on a true story--only when there's a narrative that follows a story.

No children's (under 13 years), short stories, textbooks or other non-narrative works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! I understand the partnership between a writer and editor and I offer a free credit just to see if we both mesh well.

I will edit your first chapter (up to 3000 words) for free because the personality is just as important as the actual work!

And this will give you a taste of what I can offer you.

Send me a message on Facebook for inquiries about this Free Credit.

When critiquing a story, it's difficult to assess the continuity, pace, and engagement of a scene when it's taken out of context.

For that reason I only accept full/completed manuscripts with the Private Coaching package. Full manuscripts can be first drafts or final drafts or anything in between.

If you want an analysis of unfinished works, the Premium Package may be a better fit for your needs.

Also, consider a Story Assessment if you're on a budget or if you're struggling with big picture issues like scene structure, point of view and characterization.

There are a few key differences between Private Coaching and Premium Coaching such as amount of of coaching sessions per month as well as length of coaching sessions as stated above.

The biggest difference though is that with Private Coaching I only accept full, polished manuscripts up to 90k words.

While if you choose Premium Coaching, I will accept any unfinished or unpolished works of reasonable length (between 0-150k words).

With the Premium package I will help you with your problem areas and assist you in building your partial manuscript into a complete story.

Premium is a much more involved package and therefore requires a 3-month (or more, but no less) commitment.

A summary Coaching Document is a write up that includes peripheral issues such as alternative creative strategies and other relevant issues, including market- specific input.

(This is a fixed-cost element of the deliverable service, and thus supports the fixed price for 75K word projects vs 90K word projects… both involve the same level of analysis and feedback.)

I will complete one (1) round (which includes two full reads/pass-throughs).

The base fee for the full manuscript Editorial Assessment does not include a second round read/analysis.

Reading and analysis of a revision of a full manuscript will be treated (and billed) as a new project.

You would have to repurchase this offer because it takes as long to read and evaluate a rewrite as it did the first time through

The delivery window of the Editorial Assessment is six-weeks from receipt of manuscript (if I need more time, based on backlog, we will discuss a reasonable timeline).

Invest In Your Success

This program is tailored exactly for you from start to finish. You don't have to read anyone else's work-in-progress at a workshop, wait for your time to share at your writing group, or slog through a video series meant for the masses









Still have questions? Feeling nervous and unsure?

I get that. This is a big commitment and huge investments are always scary.

But I'm happy to talk you through it. I do everything I can to ensure you know the program inside and out before you invest in it, including:

  • Invite you to fill out a detailed Q&A about your project and your goals
  • Offer a free 30-min. consultation call before you sign up
  • Show you feedback samples so you can see exactly what kind of editing and guidance you'll get
  • Start your program with a 60-min. call to develop a project plan

Once you submit your Q&A, I'll set up a call with you to talk through all the specifics.


Fill Out Your Q&A

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My name is Michael Martin.

I'm a writer living in New York City who generates income from ghostwriting for thought leaders and influencers.

Besides fulfilling my own dream of writing a fantasy novel, I also help other writers to achieve their goals and to generate self sustaining full-time incomes from their writing.

Send me an email: [email protected]

Text me @ +1 (443) 310-3174


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