How To Write A Story: Step By Step

Let me show you the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to write a gripping story.

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The secret to writing a gripping story.

Based on techniques that have worked for the most profitable stories of modern times, this step-by-step guide takes the guesswork out of writing an effective story. It's simple, easy to follow and helps shape a story when it isn't working.

In this free download you get the Story Structure Template (PDF), a quick guide for outlining your storyYou also get an 80 page eBook titled How To Write A Story: Step By Step which examines new stories such as Black Panther, breaking down all of it's successful storytelling methods such as how to effectively establish empathy for your protagonist. Plus, you get even more BONUSES, including 10 story beat cheat sheets to help you keep track of your story beats, and 6 writing and publishing worksheets for when you're project is completed.


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Works For Most Stories

This simple template covers fiction of all genres, and some non-fiction such as memoirs. Any time you want to tell an effective story, you'll be able to skip the dreaded blank page and just write.

Supports and Enhances Your Creativity

Your imagination and vision is strengthened and empowered using this cheat sheet as it is simply designed to ensure your audience feels the powerful emotional experience you intended.

Tested And Proven To Make Money

These techniques have worked for the most profitable books, movies and TV shows of the last 10 years. This template saves you countless years of rejection. Just copy-paste-publish.


A curated list of recommended books on the craft of writing for your reference.

Some of the best writing apps that will make the act of writing your project a fun experience. 

A YouTube playlist featuring a collection of over 100 video essays that dissect the art of storytelling to help you write your best story.


Writing Made Easy Through Coaching

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Best Writing Tactics

Once Michael coaches you in the basics he will take you to the next level and you will be applying advanced tactics that most writers are either doing wrong or don't know about.

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You will have multiple chances to sit down with Michael (who makes over $10K per month from writing) and get all your questions answered.

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1-on-1 personalized attention to address your individual specific needs.

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And Much More!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both fiction and non-fiction options are available.

Michael specializes in long-form narrative genres including romance, YA, NA, science-fiction, political intrigue, action, and fantasy.

And some non-fiction such as memoir, autobiographies, advice, inspiration, motivation, opinion, family history, or book based on a true story--only when there's a narrative that follows a story.

No children's (under 13 years), short stories, textbooks or other non-narrative works.

Michael feels that training videos can sometimes be impersonal. However, in special circumstances videos are effective and people tend to like them for their flexibility.

So, Michael has included videos as part of the membership to Story Writer Academy because people find videos beneficial. And he keeps them updated monthly.

But Michael prefers interacting with writers directly (over the phone, live streaming chats, social media, etc.) because it has proven to provide the most value and has gotten much better results for writers because it offers more personalized attention to their specific needs.

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